Jaguar Land Rover develops super cool 3D technology

Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles are among the most sophisticated and technologically advanced in the industry.

This is true even for entry-level models, such as the Range Rover Evoque 2020 with its fabulous ClearSight system (if you don't know what we're talking about, you should definitely read our essay by clicking on the link above).

But since we don't stop progress, you won't be surprised to learn that even more impressive stuff is coming.

For example, the manufacturer recently announced that it was working on next-generation head-up display technology that could overlay safety information directly on the road and also allow occupants to watch 3D movies in a future where autonomous and connected vehicles are well established.

Jaguar Land Rover engineers are developing a powerful 3D projection system capable of displaying obstacle alerts, navigation directions and other messages. Augmented reality is used to add a sense of depth to the images, which give the impression of appearing on the road.

In low-light and inclement weather environments that reduce visibility, this type of technology can be very useful.

Studies in Germany show that 3D stereoscopic displays in a vehicle can improve driver judgment and reaction times.

In the future, Jaguar Land Rover's technology could also be used to watch 3D movies. Sensors that monitor head and eye movements would allow the system to constantly adjust the three-dimensional display, so there is no need to use individual screens or 3D glasses like those worn in the cinema.

In addition, when vehicles become fully autonomous, passengers will be able to enjoy a personalized experience by choosing the information or entertainment they want to see - details of the route, nearby points of interest , news, movies, etc.
Jaguar Land Rover has partnered with the Centre for Photonics and Advanced Electronics at the University of Cambridge, England, to design an immersive and more natural experience for motorists. All this is part of its vision of the "Smart Cabin", which consists of optimizing and personalizing the level of safety, convenience and entertainment on board its vehicles.

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