A cheap Lamborghini.

The Lamborghini Aventador is an exotic sports car that is worth several hundred thousand dollars, so very few people can afford to buy it.

Imagine if we could create one for a fraction of the price.

Sterling Backus, who has been a car enthusiast since childhood and works as chief scientist at kmLabs in Boulder, Colorado, has found a way. At the same time, he granted the wish of his 11-year-old son, who has been dreaming of the Aventador since he discovered it in the video game Forza.

Backus got his hands on the body panel plans through GrabCAD, an online community where designers and engineers share models, and then modified them for his 3D printer. Then he fixed the panels on a home-made steel chassis and installed a Corvette V8 in the heart — all on a budget of about $20,000.

Pretty amazing, isn't it?
In particular, 3D-printed plastic tended to melt in the sun. Backus decided to incorporate carbon fiber and cover it all with epoxy

The physicist says he couldn't have continued his project without learning a lot of tricks by watching tutorials on YouTube.

If you think the car is just a pale imitation, think again: the lights and doors are working and Backus has even done some maneuvers in its entrance. Its objective is to obtain the permits to drive on public roads as early as next spring.

In addition, the man intends to display his 3D-printed Lamborghini in schools to show young people that science and technology can be cool. More videos will be released in the coming months, so that's to follow.

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